The Benefits of Seasonal Staffing Through an Agency

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 Staffing agencies strive to provide you with highly qualified candidates to meet your organization’s specific needs. However, many human resource managers and business owners are unsure of whether they should opt for seasonal staffing, or hiring temporary workers to meet current demands. The first step in understanding this process is to understand the role of seasonal staffing. 

Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers are those hired to fill periods of increased demand that occur on a yearly basis. Many organizations require additional workers during the holiday season to meet customer demands, but other companies may require seasonal employees at other times as well. In most cases, these employees are hired as part time workers to assist the full time staff available on site. These workers may be looking for part time income to assist with holiday expenses, or as a means of earning income after a job loss. Seasonal employees understand that their time with the company is limited, due to the nature of their being brought into the company.

Benefits of Staffing Agencies

When hiring seasonal workers, organizations can choose to handle everything themselves, or they can enlist the help of a staffing agency. These agencies handle the process internally, so you are free to focus on other aspects of your company. If you are unsure whether a staffing agency is a good option for your situation, there are a few things to consider before making your decision.

Less Time and Inconvenience

When it comes to hiring seasonal workers, the entire process can be time consuming. The extra hours needed for interviewing, responding to applications, and fielding phone calls can cause a serious drain on the time you have available for handling your other business responsibilities. For some, this will require additional overtime hours, or sacrificing days off to compensate.

A staffing agency assists with all of this to help you save time. The agency screens and hires candidates, which they provide to you for the duration of the required employment for a fee. If you use the same agency year after year, the company will also have a list of previous hires from other seasonal positions within your company to determine whether any of those workers are interested in coming back.

Less On-site Training

Another considerable problem with hiring your own seasonal workers is that it requires additional time from yourself or other managers and supervisors to provide training. Agencies, however, handle the training processes to ensure that workers are ready to go when it comes time for them to be added to the schedule. Since this is already a busy period for your company, this will assist in increasing production in a timely manner.

Seasonal staffing is an important consideration for organizations that require additional employees within a short period of time. A staffing agency will ensure that you save money and time on training and other costs, while still providing the information and workers that you need. If you need seasonal staffing, choosing an agency that specializes in the process provides many benefits.


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